What is the Tent Cities Toolkit?

What is important in our plan to end homelessness is to recognize that valuable and effective solutions can come from the bottom up - from the people most directly affected by the problem - people who have and are currently experiencing homelessness.

Tent cities are often perceived as unsafe, unsanitary, and unsightly, and a symptom of the problem of homelessness rather than a part of the solution. However, modern tent cities like the 10-year-old Dignity Village in Portland Oregon have become a model of success in building socially and environmentally sustainable villages with the goal of providing humane, dignified, and democratic shelter.

Tent Cities Toolkit is an interactive video-enhanced multimedia tool that uses the visionary example of Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon as a case study to explore the ways in which democratically governed micro-housing communities, like Dignity Village, can be a part of the plan to end homelessness.

Developed through a unique collaborative partnership between Dignity Village and Kwamba Productions, the
Tent Cities Toolkit is designed to inspire innovative thinking and action that will lead to more democratic and humane methods of solving complex social problems.

Tent Cities Toolkit is a great tool for community organizers, students and professors in a wide range of disciplines (e.g., sociology, urban studies, psychology, anthropology, economics, and more), and government officials.

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**Half of the proceeds from sales of this non-profit project go to Dignity Village, Inc.**

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Did you know?

Democratic tent cities fall within the United Nations mission of promoting the development of sustainable human settlements and adequate shelter for all.

United Nations website >>


Feature Highlights

  • Interactive menus
  • Over 120 minutes of video
  • Narrated by Dignity Village
  • Photo galleries
  • Documents and articles
  • Workbooks and exercises
  • Behind the scenes

Content Areas
  • Why Tent Cities?
  • Direct Action and Organizing
  • Outreach and Partnerships
  • Eco-friendly Living Spaces
  • Democracy and Organization
  • Mission and Services
  • Tent City Networking
  • Pets

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